Company History

Natal Refractories (Pty) Limited has been in operation since October 2001. The company however has been involved in the refractory industry for many years. It was started as National Refractory Industries (Pty) Ltd in 1971 and in 1989 became Morganite Refractory Industries (which was a division of Morganite SA (Pty) Limited.

In 1994, the company was taken over as Natal Refractories cc (with Chris van der Westhuizen and Stan Oliver being involved in the Richards Bay and Durban offices respectively). In 1997 the company was again sold and taken over by Jean Lopez and became Natal Refractories, a division of National Refractory Industries (Pty) Limited, with Peter Heim being involved in the Durban and Richards Bay offices.

In 2001 the company became Natal Refractories (Pty) Limited with George Justus and Peter Heim joining as Directors of the company together with Jean Lopez.
Currently we operate two branches, with the Head office being the Durban office and our branch being in Richards Bay.